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1 January 2021
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5 January 2021

Thursday, 17 December 2020, the official daily newspaper "El Peruano" published the Directorial Resolution no. 0023-2020-MIDAGRI-SENASA DSV, through which Peru authorizes the importation of in vitro orchid plants from Thailand, according to the corresponding phytosanitary protocol. This includes in vitro orchid plants from genera Phalaenopsis spp., Dendrobium spp., Paphiopedilum spp. y Cymbidium spp. 

This decision is a new example of the dynamism of bilateral relations between Peru and Thailand in the field of economic and trade cooperation.

It is worth recalling that on 10 November 2020, Peru and Thailand celebrated the 55th anniversary of the beginning of their bilateral diplomatic relations.

Bangkok, 5 January 2021 


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24 December 2020
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15 December 2020

Lima Declaration
Ancient Civilizations Forum
Fourth Ministerial Meeting
15th of December of 2020, Lima, Republic of Peru

We, the Ministers and Heads of Delegation of the Republic of Peru; the Republic of Armenia; the Plurinational State of Bolivia; the People's Republic of China; the Arab Republic of Egypt; the Hellenic Republic; the Islamic Republic of Iran; the Republic of Iraq; the Italian Republic; and the United Mexican States;

Gathered virtually for the IV Ministerial Meeting of the Ancient Civilizations Forum, on the 15th of December of 2020, under the presidency of Peru;

Recalling the Athens Declaration (2017), the Declaration of Tiwanaku (2018), the Joint press statement of the Foreign ministers Meeting of Ancient Civilization Forum, New York (2019) and the Beijing Declaration (2019);

Taking note of the results of the meeting of senior officials of member States convened by the Government of Peru on the 9th of October of 2020; 

1. Reaffirmed that the heritage and wisdom of our ancient civilizations remain alive and relevant in today’s globalized world.

2. Recognized that the Ancient Civilizations Forum is an important platform for cultural dialogue and cooperation among member states and beyond.

3. Welcomed the participation of the United Mexican States as a new member of the Ancient Civilizations Forum.

4. Emphasized that communication and exchanges among different civilizations should be reinforced to foster peace and values such as equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and inclusiveness.

5. Underlined that no civilization should be judged superior to another and that different states and nations should respect each other and make joint efforts towards global peace and development.

6. Reaffirmed that a culture-based approach to development is key to fulfilling the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in particular to overcome the effects of the current COVID 19 crisis. 

7. Reaffirmed their support of the international system and multilateralism, with the United Nations and international law at its core, to preserve international order and promote mutually-beneficial cooperation towards world peace and sustainable development. 

8. Called for increased cooperation to safeguard cultural heritage, including that in conflict-affected areas, and to foster the growth of cultural industries of member States, bilaterally and in collaboration with multilateral institutions, especially UNESCO, and encouraged further initiatives to exchange cultural exhibits and expressions among member states.

9. Underscored that sustainable tourism can enhance economic growth and development by creating a balance between economic development and culture preservation, to guarantee the long-term sustainability of cultural heritage. 

10. Emphasized that countries with ancient civilizations are more vulnerable to the illicit trafficking of cultural goods and that, therefore, they have a leading voice in the strengthening of international cooperation through measures of information, regulation, law enforcement and awareness raising.

11. Expressed deep concern over the continuing illicit trafficking of cultural property and the ensuing damage to the cultural heritage of nations.

12. Took note with interest of the organization by Peru, on the 1st and 8th of October of 2020, of the Cusco Forum on the future of international cooperation against the illicit trafficking of cultural goods, with the participation of UNESCO, and the experts and delegations from Latin America and the Caribbean.

13. Agreed:

a. To continue exploring possible and innovative cultural cooperation initiatives and exchange of experiences among member States, including those in the context of the current COVID 19 crisis, and regarding the preservation and promotion of public awareness on cultural heritage and cultural tourism.

b. To hold, during the first semester of 2021, a meeting of experts of member States to share information and best practices on the linkage between the safeguard of cultural heritage and sustainable tourism, including the management of archaeological sites and monuments and the preservation of local knowledge and intangible heritage.

c. To organize, during the second semester of 2021, a meeting of experts of member States to present proposals for the strengthening of bilateral and multilateral efforts in combating the illicit trafficking of cultural heritage and in the restitution of illegally traded cultural goods, taking into account the role of UNESCO and the need to take stock of the “Convention on the measures to be adopted to prohibit and prevent the import, export and transfer of illicit ownership of cultural property of 1970”.

d. To organize an event with the participation of the youth from member States of the Forum, aimed to promote cultural diversity and the contribution of culture to sustainable development (SDG 4.7).

e. To welcome, with a positive and open attitude, more countries heirs of Ancient Civilizations to join the Ancient Civilizations Forum. 

14. Welcomed the disposition of the Government of Peru to maintain its role as host of the next Ministerial Meeting of the Ancient Civilizations Forum in 2021, and welcomed the disposition of the Government of the Republic of Iraq to host the Ministerial Meeting of the Ancient Civilizations Forum in 2022.

Elizabeth Astete
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Peru

Alejandro Neyra
Minister of Culture
Republic of Peru

Ara Aivazian
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Armenia

Sabina Orellana
Minister of Culture, Decolonization and De-patriarchalization
Plurinational State of Bolivia

Freddy Mamani
Viceminister of Foreign Affairs
Plurinational State of Bolivia

Zhang Zu
Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism
People’s Republic of China

Magued Nafee
Vice Adjoint for
Specialized International Organizations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Arab Republic of Egypt

Lina Mendoni
Minister of Culture and Sport
Hellenic Republic

Seyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
Islamic Republic of Iran

Laith M. Hussein
Viceminister of Culture
Republic of Iraq 

Marina Sereni
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Italian Republic

Marcelo Ebrard
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
United Mexican States

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14 December 2020

On Friday 11, the Embassy of Peru in Thailand organized a training session for the preparation of pisco cocktails, the national drink of Peru, in the Peruvian restaurant and Rooftop bar "Above Eleven" in Bangkok. The training was conducted by Peruvian chef Víctor del Campo and was aimed at a group of bartenders. The cocktails chosen on this occasion for the training were the "Pisco Sour" and the "Chilcano de Pisco".

The training began with general information on the origin and characteristics of the signature drink of Peru, the making process, and its different varieties, followed by a detailed explanation of the preparation of "Pisco Sour" and "Chilcano". The participating bartenders, as well as the management of the prestigious Rooftop bar, were grateful for the training received and showed in practice to be ready to prepare the best pisco cocktails.

The Embassy of Peru will continue to promote pisco in different restaurants and bars in Bangkok that have this product in their menus and hopes that many of them can join the celebrations for the "Pisco Sour Day" next February.

Bangkok, 14 December 2020

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